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Braised Abalone Recipe

October 11, 2015


Here's the recipe that got us into the semi-finals in the 2015 International Abalone Cookoff.  There's nothing like the taste of wild California abalone.  It's the most intense umame flavor I've ever experienced.  Every season, our crew dives for abalone off the California coast. Out of all our abalone recipes, this is the one that we use most.  


Laughing Monk Braised Abalone
By Jessie Suen, Janessa Link and Andrew Casteel


1 wild California abalone
2 lbs. pork, shoulder lean
1 lb. chicken wings (with feet is even better)
15 slices of fresh ginger 
2 bunches of scallions 
4 garlic cloves
6 dried shittake mushrooms
1/2 cup Xiasing wine
1/4 cup soy sauce
12 oz. Laughing Monk Sunshine saison 
3 qts. chicken stock
1.5 cups rice
6 king trumpet mushrooms


1. Place steamer tray in bottom of pressure cooker to avoid ingredients in direct contact with heat.

2. Add all solid ingredients, alternating to distribute though pot.

3. Add all liquids except stock, then add chicken stock to cover. Ensure there's at least a 1-inch air gap between brim and liquid level.

4. Secure lid and apply high heat.

5. Once pressure cooker is boiling and at pressure (~15 bar), reduce heat to low.

6. Continue to cook for 1.5-2.5 hrs.

7. Turn off heat and let pressure slowly bleed.

8. Add sliced King Trumpet mushrooms to braise stock in sauce pan and cook at med-high heat until reduced by 1/2.

9. Cook rice in rice cooker

10. Pork shoulder, chicken wings, and shitake may all be served as-is. Abalone should be thinly sliced.  Place over rice and add braise sauce.


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