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March 2, 2018

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April 6, 2018

Austin - Sister Hazel IPA - Repo Man 


The man behind the curtain, brewing up some of the best beer in The Bay. Austin is a quiet mystery . . . until you talk to him and realize he's not only personable, he's pretty hilarious. Austin enjoys sipping on a Sister Hazel IPA and watching the punk/cult classic, Repo Man (1984). 






Gabe - Father Crilly (Nitro) Stout - Hotdog The Movie



You may have seen this silver fox behind the Bayview taproom bar, slinging beers and dropping mad brewing knowledge on excited customers. Gabe however, is also a huge movie buff, so he's going with a deep-cut comedy, Hotdog The Movie (1984) to accompany his cold pint of Father Crilly (Nitro) Stout.





Amelia - Devil's Dawn Milk Stout - Slap Shot