Bountiful Bayview

I founded Laughing Monk to bring together brewing traditions from California and Belgium using local seasonal ingredients. This July, we are proud to announce the launch of our first beer brewed in collaboration with our local Bayview Community Gardens. Bayview Gold is a Belgian style Golden Ale brewed with chamomile grown right here in our Bayview community.

Join us Sunday July 17th at 2pm for our first Bountiful Bayview BBQ. We'll be serving up free local Evergood sausages and Robin's homemade salsa as a thank you to all the amazing people who make Bayview bountiful. For every glass of Bayview Gold we sell at the BBQ, we'll donate $1 to support local Bayview Community Gardens. We’ll be sharing our photo exhibit of our garden project and Community garden staff will be on hand to share their stories.

We love our new home here in the Bayview and we are dedicated to working to improve our local community. With so much great sun and so many beautiful community gardens, there is an amazing bounty of locally produced fruits and herbs we can incorporate into our beers. Laughing Monk is supporting six local community gardens to expand their gardens and their programs in the community. We’ve gotten our hands dirty working at our local community gardens to help grow chamomile for our beer and fruits and vegetables for our neighbors.

The Laughing Monk Community Garden Sponsorship is allowing the non-profit City of Dreams to expand the Oakdale Community Farm with the installation and establishment of new garden beds and growing spaces. It also supports their afterschool and Summer Junior Gardener Education Program for youth living in the Bayview public housing.

Laughing Monk is also funding the revitalization of the Huli Huli Community Garden which will serve as a healing resource for the members of Project Bayview as well as the surrounding community.

Laughing Monk is also funding a new project to engage Old Skool Cafe’s youth in the Roots Garden, where they are learning core skills in gardening as well as propagating, planting, maintaining, and harvesting the produce that goes directly into the dishes that they prepare and serve in their restaurant next door.

Bayview Gold is the first in a series of beers that will showcase fresh ingredients grown in local Bayview Community gardens and raise money to support them.

Our next collaboration will be a series of special spiced versions of our Belgian Summer Wheat Ale made in conjuction with our community garden partners coming out in early August. We are also working on a collaboration with our Community Gardens and Beers Made By Walking that will incorporate local fruits and herbs this September. Beers Made By Walking is is a program that invites brewers to experience nature through a guided hike in a local open space, and then brew beer inspired by plants and the outdoors experience found along the trail. The beer produced becomes a "drinkable landscape" portrait of of our natural environment. Sutro Stewards are the San Francisco partnering organization for Beers Made by Walking.

Laugh On, Brother Andrew