Monks and Movies: Our Favorite Beers and Films

Austin - Sister Hazel IPA - Repo Man

The man behind the curtain, brewing up some of the best beer in The Bay. Austin is a quiet mystery . . . until you talk to him and realize he's not only personable, he's pretty hilarious. Austin enjoys sipping on a Sister Hazel IPA and watching the punk/cult classic, Repo Man (1984).

Gabe - Father Crilly (Nitro) Stout - Hotdog The Movie

You may have seen this silver fox behind the Bayview taproom bar, slinging beers and dropping mad brewing knowledge on excited customers. Gabe however, is also a huge movie buff, so he's going with a deep-cut comedy, Hotdog The Movie (1984) to accompany his cold pint of Father Crilly (Nitro) Stout.

Amelia - Devil's Dawn Milk Stout - Slap Shot

Amelia is who you can thank for bringing Laughing Monk beers into your favorite restaurants and bars around the Bay. But did you know this Director of Sales is also a badass hockey player? Of course she would pick the movie Slap Shot (1977), and to-go with it? The Devil's Dawn Milk Stout!

Robin - Mango Gose - Spring Breakers

When she's not setting up all the rad events that Laughing Monk is known for, and can take a break from killing the Laughing Monk's social media game, Robin loves to curl up with a Mango Gose and Harmony Korine's 2012 film, Spring Breakers.

Andrew - Devil's Hoard - The Little Hours

Andrew, the fearless leader, and owner of Laughing Monk Brewing fancies two things, Belgian stouts, and belly-laughs. Sipping on Laughing Monk's Devil's Hoard Belgian Imperial Stout, Andrew would watch The Little Hours (2017), the convent comedy starring Aubrey Plaza, Alison Brie, and Fred Armisen.