10 Funny Beer Facts Brought To You By Laughing Monk

1. In Ancient Babylonia, beer was so sacred that anyone who brewed a bad batch or bar-owners caught watering down beer, would be drowned in a huge vat of it. Not sure how that affects the taste.

2. Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty glass. At Laughing Monk this will never be a problem, all Cenosillicaphobiacs are welcome to fill up with beer, and feel relief.

3. Niels Bohr, a Danish physicist that won the Nobel Prize in 1922, was awarded a lifetime supply of beer piped directly into his house by the Carlsberg Brewery. The Danes loved Bohr so much, that after he was given the award, the brewery built a house right next to the main facility, with a pipe going into the home, with a perpetual amount of ice cold brew.

4. The oldest beer ad was found on a Mesopotamian tablet, which has been dated to be around 4000 years old. The ad read, “Drink Elba Beer, the beer with the heart of a lion!”

5. In the 1600s, midwives brewed super strong beer in order to ease the pain of their wards during childbirth.

6. George Washington was super adamant about rationing his troops a quart of beer a day in their daily rations.

7. Allsopp’s Arctic Ale sold to a rich U.K. beer enthusiast for £5,131. The beer was originally made for an 1875 Arctic expedition, in order to be a “life-sustaining ale” for the crew. Sounds like a good ship to be on.

8. In 1814 a 15-foot tidal wave of porter killed eight people in a neighborhood of St. Giles Rookery in London. The brewers were not charged with the crime after the state reviewed it as an accident, or “Act of God”

9. Norway’s first aircraft hi-jacking was easily resolved when the hi-jacker turned over the plane to authorities when he wanted more beer.

10. The Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew temple in Thailand was constructed using 1 million beer bottles.